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Responsible Gaming

ZAR Casino is the best online casino in South Africa and we support responsible gaming.

At ZAR Casino we want you to enjoy your online gaming without stress whilst you play the best online casino games like slot machines, video poker, roulette, blackjack and more. Therefore we offer you this important note about responsible gaming.

Your welfare is important to us, and in order for you to have fun, we urge you to play responsibly.

Whilst our focus is on providing the best online gaming entertainment possible, we also acknowledge our duty to help prevent compulsive usage and underage access of ZAR Casino.


NB: Age Limitation:


Play at ZAR Casino is restricted to individuals of legal gambling age, as determined by the laws governing the Player’s place of residence. ZAR Casino does NOT accept wagers from individuals under the LEGAL GAMBLING AGE for where they reside.

In addition, no player under 18 may play at ZAR Casino.

Preventing Underage Gambling

We do not allow anyone under the age of 18 to play our casino games. Our casino is not designed to attract children or adolescents. We actively discourage and track persons under the age of 18 who attempt to play at ZAR Casino. We use sophisticated verification systems which can identify minors who log in to our software. Nevertheless, we recognize that the internet is readily accessible in many homes around the world. As a result, gaming companies and parents must work together to protect children from underage gambling. To ensure the safety of your children, we recommend installing filtering software to block minors from accessing certain websites and programs. As a responsible adult, you can ensure that you do not leave children unattended near your computer when the casino software is running, and that you protect your gambling programs with password access.

You can also make sure that your ZAR Casino username, password and deposit method details are not within reach of children. Educate your children about the legality and the potential damage of underage gambling. Monitor and limit the length of time your children spend online. Unfortunately, no system is foolproof. If you know a person under the age of 18 who is registered with a ZAR Casino, please notify us without delay. For further information on how to prevent underage gambling, we recommend the use of: NetNanny | Gamblock

Preventing Compulsive Gambling

Gaming is a form of entertainment. Yes, there is a chance of winning money but, if not treated as entertainment only, irresponsible gaming can have unfavorable consequences. Players must always be responsible about gaming. Being responsible about gaming means knowing whether to play and when, and how much money or time to spend at the tables.


There are some simple rules to follow to help ensure that you stay in control of your gaming:

Before you play, decide on the maximum amount that you can afford to lose and, no matter how the games go, stick to that limit;

Decide beforehand on a time limit for your gaming session and stick to it. Within that period ensure that you take regular breaks from gaming;

Only play with money that you can afford to lose and under no circumstances should you borrow money to play;

Make sure that you have a clear mind when gaming. If you are feeling depressed, under stress or in any other situation that may impair your judgment, do not play;

Have a healthy balance of activities in your life.

We have also designed an easy to use self-exclusion program for those who may need our assistance. Upon your request, we will cancel your membership and will prevent you from entering our casino. We let you set your own maximum allowed deposit amount. Upon your request, we will remove your name from our email list.

Keep in mind that you may seek professional help from the following organizations - Gamblers Anonymous, National Council on Problem Gambling, HelpingHand/IGC, Gambling Therapy Helpline.

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