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About Us

Our brand story

Bringing you the splendour and riches of an ancient, decadent palace, ZAR Online Casino doesn’t just represent Africa, it IS Africa. 

And more accurately: PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN.

From the striking animals that guard the riches, to majestic mountains and vast playing fields, the ZAR Online Casino landscape is rich with stories and reels filled with treasures and golden opportunities.

Welcome to a destination that not only brings you myth and wonder, it also represents the unrivalled beauty of the land and its people, and reflects our enduring strength. 

Prepare for an adventure as the amazing game selection at ZAR Casino takes you across dusty desert landscapes, leads you to stumble across hidden jewels in dense green forests and allows you to breathe in the spectacular scope of our captivating savannahs as you spin your way to riches. 

At ZAR Casino, you become the Captain that navigates the seven seas, you are the adventurer that summits majestic mountains and you are the hunter that conquers the wild. 

Because at ZAR Casino EVERYTHING and ANYTHING is possible.

Enjoy every moment and embrace your never-ending passion to conquer. 

Welcome to opportunity, power, and hope. 

THIS is YOUR landscape of milk and honey; YOUR cascading reels dripping with games and gold.

Welcome to ZAR Casino. The best online casino in South Africa!

About Our Games and Bonuses

Just as well known as South Africa’s famous landmarks, so are the amazing games we offer at ZAR Casino.

Our pledge is to bring you something unique and interesting every day.

ZAR Online Casino will be the jewel in your crown.

Dip into the majestic melting pot of online casino games that include online video slots, classic slots, progressive jackpots, table games like roulette, video poker, blackjack and many others.

Enjoy regular free online casino bonuses, free money and free spins!

ZAR Casino is as:

Majestic as Table Mountain.
Powerful like the King of the Jungle.
Notorious as the Hillbrow Tower.
As big as our African Elephants.
And as breathtaking as Chapman’s Peak Drive.

Make full use of the safari of online casino bonuses and free spins we have on offer everyday, and explore the amazing online casino games and winning potential at ZAR Casino.

Welcome to ZAR Casino where local is “ lekker”  and with ZAR, local is also LUCKY.